Berlin Stock Exchange (Ludwig Erhard Haus), Berlin

Project Description | The Ludwig Erhard Haus began as an international competition for a building combining the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, the Berlin Stock Exchange and the local federation of industrialists into a single ‘communications centre’ on the site of the two latter organisations. The scheme features floors which are suspended from a series of steel arches leaving the ground floor free and open as a trading hall. Office floors are u-shaped around dual atria, which are spanned by steel and glass bridges and served with bespoke lift cars.

Role and responsibilities | As assistant site architect, my responsibilities included construction supervision involving co-ordination of concrete, steel, and glazing of atrium lift system and bridges; atrium lift and bridge system package detailing and tendering. As assistant architect, responsibilities included phase 2 of 2 procurement documentation of concrete soffits and ceilings; and full building detail sections.

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