World Trade Center (Competition), New York

Project Description + Role

These twinned 120-story towers, comprising a 1,500,000m2 development, captured majority public sentiment and led to the commission for Tower 2 on the site and the final masterplan, which closely resembles our proposals. Safety and security, remembrance and reconciliation provided starting points from which this prestigious yet extremely sensitive and political project arose. With a desire to reinstate an iconic skyline and the need for so much area, this proposal creates the tallest and strongest skyscraper ever. An integrated public transportation network is created between the two towers under a soaring glass canopy. Richard served as Associate and Job Captain / project manager, where he was responsible for many aspects of the project, highlights include designing the central transit hub.

Panoramic View

View from Brooklyn

wtc_masterplan ground plan email

wtc_memorial view


wtc_transportation interchange




transport_iso mod



Model of Twinned Tower 2