Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, China

An interest in the rich and diverse urban quality – specifically individual buildings built up over time on the hillside along alleyways, forming interesting, intimate spaces, has been distilled into a language of alternating building forms and open spaces similar to intertwined fingers of two hands. Cascading striations of earth provide a foun-dation for the exhibit halls which are symbolic of rock and crystal outcroppings, each pointing towards another part of the city offering further character to the excite-ment of discovery. Programmatically defined groups of halls are penetrated intermittently by strips of outdoor space that descend down the hill from the science park to the eastern road edge.

ccng_east night viz

CCNG_imax amended


ccng_typ plan

ccng_plan diagram

ccng_site diagram

ccng_site diagram 3d

ccng_int viz