Qianjiang New Century City, Hangzhou, China

A 200,000m2 residential neighbourhood of 33, 27, 23 and 19 story apartment buildings is arranged in the northeast quadrant of a large site, supporting the immediate office, retail and exhibition development as well as this growing xiaoshan district. The design mediates between the river and the city, between urban space and open landscape, between business and recreation, working and living, between the earth and the sky. this duality is expressed throughout the design of both the individual buildings and the overall ensemble. In many ways, this duality creates a balance or harmony within the design.

aerial 2 northwest night view FINAL Plan_roof PDF 1-3000 (2) (1) 20400_3Ddiagram_curving planes 20400_3Ddiagram_massing chinese zone view FINAL northwest view FINAL south view FINAL 20400_elev_housing_towers 27-story_cr Hangzhou-3d ground study 3 FINAL Hangzhou-3d ground study 1 FINAL Hangzhou-3d ground study 2 FINAL