Nanjing New Gateway Mixed-use Redevelopment

This proposed scheme utilizes ribbons as a conceptual organizing principle, folding horizontally and vertically to provide excitement at the street level and above, moving people into build-ing spaces both horizontally and verti-cally. Horizontal movement employs visual perspective, dramatic events, and linear ribbon-like pathways, whereas vertical movement employs folding planes and ramps, stairs and escalators, elevators and stair-cores. It combines tower and podium as one intertwined composition, capturing the imagination with form and color – layers of space can be treated like the silk inner-layer of a suitcase or wallet.

njr_viz-plaza eye



Inspiration. Courtesy of and with thanks to:

Inspiration. Courtesy of and with thanks to:


20911_level Roof Model (1)

Initial Concept Design Development Sketches



20910_isometric sketch v2

20910_ground level V2 sketch

20910_ground level V2 sketch colour

towers iso


20910_tower section1 Model (1)

20910_tower section1 Model (1)


towers v3


section A3B1