National Airport Terminals for Ghat, Kufra, Labraq, Martuba, Tobruk; Libya

Project Description | New passenger terminal buildings are required for five existing airport sites in vastly different climates, from Mediterranean to deep Saharan. The Aviation Authority appointed contractor had produced ‘generic’ outline plans and finishes schedules to begin procuring the project, and LCE Architects were approached to produce ‘envelope’ concept designs to accompany these pre-prepared plans

With very little scope for adjustment to site, climate, orientation, and access, we were originally instructed to produce 5 different concepts for each of the 5 sites. The client subsequently advised that the budget was small and concepts should be simple and inexpensive, therefore we should produce one concept for each of the 5 sites, then provide 5 applications of the concepts based on regional interpretations. The passenger terminals are as follows: Labraq 6700sqm, Ghat & Kufra 5500sqm, Martuba & Tobruq 2300sqm.

Our design approach was to produce concepts that were simple, cost effective, contextual, and sustainable, particularly at sensitive locations.

Role and responsibilities | As project lead and Senior Associate, Richard was responsible for all aspects of this project from project initiation and fee proposals through concept design, presentations, client and consultant liaison and coordination.  Most of the analysis, design, sketching, and presentation work was done by Richard, with some assistance in 3d modelling and rendering, leading a team of between 2-4 assistants at any one time.

Several new enquiries for transport related work arose as a result of our success on this project, where we developed an understanding of, and methodology for, developing quality design from pre-existing plans developed by specialists in isolation from the site and design team.

LCE_N-AfricanAirport_Desert_External View 04

LCE_N-AfricanAirport_Coastal_09 Front End

LCE_N-AfricanAirport_Coastal_10 under canopy

LCE_N-AfricanAirport_Coastal-Mountains_front view new




LCE_N-AfricanAirport_Desert_exploded view exterior

LCE_N-AfricanAirport_Desert_External View 01