Model Affordable Housing, Libya

Project Description LCE Architects were retained by a Libyan ministry to research the social/affordable housing conditions and develop an approach and design exemplar suitable for circa 10,000 units in increments of c800-1500 for the Libyan market based on British and European best practices.

Several idiosyncratic conditions were identified through engagement with and consultation of various key individuals with close knowledge and experience of the local social housing conditions and frameworks for providing assistance both financial and residential.

Our research provided unique insights into the prevailing norms, both religious and social in nature, which were critical in the development of relevant, appropriate housing solutions. Several of Richard’s sketches below are indicative of the types of design research undertaken and its results.

Role and responsibilities As the sole Senior Associate in charge of the entire research and design project, Richard was responsible for all aspects of research design, research, synthesis and representation, as well as all design options, sketches, illustration, modelling, visualisation (excepting the final rendering and post-production) and presentation. This initial research and development work went on to inform a much larger endeavour that involved the public and private sector nationally, international funding bodies, and international constructors and system builders.

Libya Model Affordable Housing_Montage 02


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