St Christopher’s School EYFS Unit, Hove

Project Description Over several years LCE Architects have developed a close relationship with the school through a number of different connections. As a school parent, Richard was the ideal candidate to develop a series of options for the expansion and redevelopment of the school’s two existing sites, of which the main site was close to its maximum capacity.

The scheme below shows two of the three options developed to replace the school’s existing sports pavilion with a sustainable, combined Early Years Foundation Studies (EYFS) unit and changing facility. This includes accommodation for two classrooms, office, storage, and shared toilets and changing.

The preferred option was used as a basis to engage a system build contractor to fabricate and construct the pavilion using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and sustainable materials.

Role and Responsibility As Senior Associate responsible for the project, Richard was solely responsible for all aspects from fee proposals to site analyses, planning engagement, and all design and presentations. All designs and drawings are his.

11777-PerspectiveSketch-Option3B-South copy

Client’s Preferred Option

11777-PerspectiveSketch-Option3B-East copy

Design Team’s Preferred Option


Site Entrance/Access Analysis


Site Analysis


Site Entrance/Access Analysis


Site Analysis

11777-option 3b east plan sketch only

Site and Building Plan

11777-spatial relationship diagrams LGF

Spatial relationship diagrams, Alternatives

11777-spatial relationships - class+support space

Spatial relationship diagrams, Class + support space relationships

11777-Option 3B floor plan annotated

Typical Plan

11777-PerspectiveSketch-Option3B-East CLOSEUP