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  • Espoo and the EIA: MEA Governance, Institutional Design and Effectiveness; 2013
  • Corporate Sustainability: Profit, Motive and Intention in Greenwash; 2013
  • UK Sustainable Development: Homes and Communities Agency – strengthening regeneration, integrating sustainability; 2013
  • DEFRA’s Administrative Rationalism: Incremental Progress Towards Sustainable Development; 2013
  • Actors and Politics, Stakeholder Agendas and Power Relations in Sustainable Development; 2012
  • Urbanisation: Towards a progress in understanding within the UN Sustainable Development Conference Arena; 2012
  • North-South Climate Justice: Sustainable Development and Climate Change; 2012
  • Exponential procreation or eternal damnation? Rio +20 outcomes for UK population NGOs; 2012
  • Forcing the Environment to Market: The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment; 2012
  • Is Resilience the new Holy Grail of Humanity? 2102
  • Planetary Boundaries: Safe Limits and Transgressing Important Boundaries; 2012
  • From Limits to Growth to Global Change; 2012
  • Rio+20 Outcomes: The Future We Want? 2012
  • Will Technology be Our Safety Net? 2012
  • From Green to Clean: De-carbonising Sustainability, Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change and Carbon Reduction Scepticism; 2011
  • The Greybook of Architecture: Those unwritten guidelines they never taught us about the practice of architecture, our projects and the people involved; 2009-11
  • The Aesthetic Experience of Architecture (MA dissertation); 2001
  • The Value of Science to Society: An Institute for the Interdisciplinary Advancement of Science (BArch thesis); 1995